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New Zenith Carburetor Case Tractor
    New Zenith Carburetor Case Tractor
    Purchase New Zenith Carburetor Case Tractor
    • SKU: Z60C
      New Zenith Carburetor Case Tractor

    • $565.00


    New Zenith Bendix Carburetor

    Case V, VA, VAC, VC, 1835, 1835B

    Replaces Marvel Schebler Carburetor: TSX13, TSX28, TSX34, TSX42, TSX43, TSX49, TSX55, TSX58, TSX74, TSX88, TSX89, TSX91, TSX114, TSX120, TSX138, TSX154, TSX155, TSX156, TSX157, TSX171, TSX186, TSX188, TSX198, TSX212, TSX248, TSX253, TSX264, TSX272, TSX305, TSX308, TSX309, TSX312, TSX319, TSX333, TSX348, TSX361A, TSX363, TSX380, TSX403, TSX405, TSX418, TSX458, TSX474, TSX480, TSX500, TSX520, TSX531, TSX541, TSX653, TSX665, TSX668, TSX685, TSX730, TSX744, TSX748, TSX827, TSX864, TSX926

    Replaces Zenith Carburetor: 09749, 09752, 10386, 10441, 10698, 11106, 11141, 11142, 11506, 12225, 12475, 12522, 13800, 13873

    Carburetors are limited to replacement only, no refunds. No replacement will be given if rust, dirt, etc., is found in the Carburetor or if it has been taken apart.

    New Carburetors will usually ship within 2-3 business days depending on stock avail at the time of purchase.  If this Carburetor is unavailable to ship at the time of purchase (within the normal 2-3 business days), the build and ship time may vary between 3-5 business days and up to 4-6 weeks. If you wish to check stock avail, or the current build time BEFORE you purchase - Please ask prior to purchase.  If you're not interested in waiting for a New Carburetor - Please ask about our option to rebuild your current Carburetor. Please do not assume your Carburetor is 'no good', or 'not rebuildable'.