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Mechanical Suspension Seat - Kubota Tractor
    Mechanical Suspension Seat - Kubota Tractor
    Purchase Mechanical Suspension Seat - Kubota Tractor
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      Mechanical Suspension Seat - Kubota Tractor

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    Black Viny Mechanical Suspension Seat: Dependable & hardworking comfort is what you can expect from Grammer's #MSG85/721. It's mechanical light duty suspension has a stroke of 3.9", a height adjustment of up to 3.1", weight adjustment & fore/aft adjustment that accomodates all body types for a more comfortable ride in even the most demanding conditions. Easily adjustable lumbar support for optimal back comfort. A retractable seat belt is included for safety. Some minor drilling may be required.

    Fits Kubota Tractor M4500, M4500DT, M4900C, M4900DTC, M4900SU, M4900SUDT, M5400DT, M5700C, M5700DTC, M5700HDC, M6040DT, M6040DTC, M6800HDC, M6800SC, M6800SDT, M6800SDTC, M7500, M7500ACL, M7500DT, M7500DTACL, M7580DT, M7580DTC, M7950, M7950C, M7950DT, M7950DTC, M7950S, M8200C, M8200DTC, M8200HDC, M8580DT, M8580DTC, M8950, M8950C, M8950DT, M8950DTC, M8950DTS, M8950S, M9000C, M9000DTC, M9000DTL, M9000DTMC, M9000HDC, M9000HDLF, M9540DT, M9540DTC, M9540F, M9540FC, M9540HD, M95SDS, M95SDTC, M95SH

    Mower F2560

    Arm Rest (Left and/or Right) are available for this seat if needed, and Seat Swivel Kit is also available for this seat if needed.

    Please check your measurements on your unit to ensure this is the correct / accurate seat for your specific model.  Some models listed may have (require) a different seat option

    * Some minor drilling may be required

    Mechanical Suspension / Black Vinyl with Seat belt and slide rails. 285 lb weight capacity. Depth 22 1/2", Height 25 1/2", Width 24 1/4". No OPS (Operator Presence Switch) 

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