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Magneto Ignition Tune up kit ~ XH Magneto
    Magneto Ignition Tune up kit ~ XH Magneto
    Purchase Magneto Ignition Tune up kit ~ XH Magneto
      Magneto Ignition Tune up kit ~ XH Magneto

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    WICO XH Magneto Kit: Rotor, Points, Condenser, Inner Bearing

    Allis Chalmers - Models listed only with XH-184, XH-894, XH-1023, XH1714, XHD-3200

    Avery H1163, XH1180, XH1604

    Case - Models only with X184, XH184, XH894, XH1344, XH1950, XH2239, XH-2500, XHD-2700

    Caterpillar - Models only with XH184, XH1906, XH1907, XH1908, XH1909, XH2450B, XH2522B, XH2541C

    Gravley - Models only with XH1072, XH2049, XH2533

    IH Farmall - Models only with XH184, XB4000, XH1022, XH1344, XH1648, XH1769, XH2500, XH3000, XHD-2656, XHD-2657, XHD-2658, XHD-2659, XV-2001,XV-2001-B, XV2033, XV2033-B

    Massey Harris - Models only with XH-184, XH-1023

    Oliver - Models only with XH-1113, 113B, XH-1128, XH-977, XH-1648

    Kohler - Models only with XH2485, XH2485B, XH2485C, XH2485D

    Wisconsin - Models only with XH-184, XH-241, XH2207

    FXG1008, 4-5010, 1-5008, FXH-2100B, 1-5111, FXH-2400B, X5996, FXH2024, 2-5007, X5614, X6916, AR12013, 24-5000

    Does not fit models listed with any other Magneto (not listed), or models with Distributor

    Fits only the models listed that have the XH Magneto as listed