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Grammer 12V Air Suspension Seat Case IH
    Grammer 12V Air Suspension Seat Case IH
    Purchase Grammer 12V Air Suspension Seat Case IH
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      Grammer 12V Air Suspension Seat Case IH

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    12V Air Suspension Grammer Seat Black & Gray Fabric:  Air Suspension (12V Compressor), Adjustable backrest extension, Adjustable lumbar, Adjustable fold up armrest, Adjustable arm angle control, Tapered back support and adjustable backrest, Slide Rails with 8.25" fore/aft adjustment, Fore/aft isolator, Weight indicator, Durable rubber molded suspension cover. Accepts Operator Presence Switch - Seat foam 4", Depth 23 3/4", Height 29 1/4", Width 25 3/4".  Swivel kit is available to purchase with Seat if needed.

    Genuine Grammer Seat is equipped with an array of features to meet the specific needs of the job and for operator comfort. It features an air suspension with a 12-volt compressor, a fore/aft isolator to absorb jolts, and a backrest extension for extra backrest height. Easily adjust the lumbar support for optimal back comfort or one of the four adjustable seat depth/tilt positions to reduce pressure on knees.

    Case Tractor: 1896, 2096, 2294, 2394, 2594, 3394, 3594, 4494, 4694, 4894, 4994

    Case Backhoe Loader: 570LXT, 580M, 580M Tier II & III, 580N, 580SM, 580SN WT, 590 SM, 590 SN

    Case Crawler / Dozer: 550H, 850K, 850L

    Case Excavator: CX755SR, CX80, CX130B, CX135SR, CX160B, CX210B, CX225R, CX240B, CX290B, CX350B, CX470B, CX700B, CX800B

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    Case IH Combine 1620, 1640, 1660, 1680, 2366, 2377, 2388, 2577, 2588, 5008, 6088, 7088, 7120, 8120, 9120

    Case IH Cotton Picker 420, 620, 625, CPX420, CPX620

    Case IH Harvester 7000 Austoft, 7700 Austoft

    Case IH Sprayer 3220 Patriot, 3330 Patriot, 4420 Patriot

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    84067649, 87396789, 87398040, AH169064, AH169595, AH227974, AH227975, AH228257, AL207245, AL215695, MSG95G, RE243291, RE274374, RE276006, RE333055, SJ24386, SJ25700, SJ26049, SJ27400, SJ30179

    Please check your measurements on your unit to ensure this is the correct / accurate seat for your specific model.  Some models listed may have (require) a different seat option

    * Some minor drilling may be required