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H4 Magneto Kit with Coil & Rotor Gear
    H4 Magneto Kit with Coil & Rotor Gear
    Purchase H4 Magneto Kit with Coil & Rotor Gear
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      H4 Magneto Kit with Coil & Rotor Gear

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    H4 Magneto Rebuild Tune up kit: USA Made Magneto Cap, Rotor, Points, Condenser, H4 Magneto Coil Cover, Gasket set, Magneto Rotor Mount Gear & H4 Coil

    Fits: 4 Cylinder IH Farmall:  A, AV, B, BN, C, HV, I9, ID9, M, MD, MDV, MTA, MV, O4, O6, ODS6, OS4, OS6, Super A, Super A-1, Super AV, Super AV-1, Super C, Super H, Super HV, Super M, Super MD, Super MDV, Super MDV-TA, Super MTA, Super MV, Super MVTA, Super W4, Super W6, Super W6TA, Super W9, Super WD6, Super WD6TA, Super WD9, Super WDR9, T5, TD14, TD14A, TD6, U9, UD14, UD18, UD6, UD9, W4, W6, W6TA, W9, WD6, WD9, WDR9, WR9, WR9S, 100, 130, 200, 230, 300, 350, 400, 450, 600, 650, Super MTA (Diesel), W6TA (Diesel), Wheatland: 400, 450

    Fits: 4 Cylinder IH Farmall Industrial:  I4, I6, ID6, T4, T6, T9, TD18, TD9, U2, U2A, U4, U6

    47449DAX47449DAY, 47413DYC, 407017R91, 407017R92, 49420DX

    Fits only the models listed that have the IHC H4 Magneto. Please verify your tractor has the H4 Magneto. This Tune up kit does not fit models listed with Delco, Prestolite, nor IH Horizontal Distributors.