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12 Volt Alternator Conversion Kit
    12 Volt Alternator Conversion Kit
    Purchase 12 Volt Alternator Conversion Kit
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      12 Volt Alternator Conversion Kit

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    12V Alternator Conversion kit: 1 Wire Alternator w/ 1/2" pulley, Alternator Mounting Bracket & 12V Internal Resisted Coil

    IH Farmall Tractor: A, AV, B, BN, C, Super A, Super C, 100, 130, 200, 230

    Models without Cultivators.

    Power Unit: U123, U2, U2A

    This kit does not fit Farmall 140 Tractor

    The 12 Volt Alternator is used to convert the 6 Volt system to a 12 Volt system.  This Alternator has a simple 1 wire hook up. All you will have to do is run a wire from the Alternator through Ammeter to the positive side of the battery. The Alternator has built in self-exciter. You must rev the engine to 800 - 850 RPM in order for the unit to self excite. This Alternator is meant for 12 volt negative ground systems.  The Alternator must be grounded to the bracket.  Some of the paint/powder coat must be removed where the Alternator bolts to the bracket for a sold ground connection. The housing is 6 1/4" diameter with the pully diameter being 2 1/2" and fits 1/2" belt.
    The 12 Volt distributor coil is a barrel style coil and is internally resisted.  It includes the coil mounting bracket.