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Clutch Kit McCormick Tractor
    Clutch Kit McCormick Tractor
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    • SKU: 1423467M92MKit
      Clutch Kit McCormick Tractor

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    11" Dual Clutch Kit, 6 Lever - New: Pressure Plate Assembly - Captive Disc 5 pad, 1 9/16" x 14 Spline Spring Center, Flywheel Disc 1 x 10 Spline Solid Center Hub Release Bearing 1.969" ID, Release Bearing 2.556" ID, Pilot Bearing .786" ID and alignment tool

    McCormick Tractor F60, F75, F80, F85, F90, T70, T80, T90

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    This Clutch kit will not fit some models listed. Some models may require a different Clutch kit (Measurements)

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